Nancie Marie, Silhouette Artist

    Silhouettes by Nancie  

Orange County Silhouette Artist



ourly Rates     

  • I cut up to 20 faces per hour, and up to 4 faces in one silhouette.
  • You will get 2 copies of each image, a left and a right. The second one is often called the "Grandma copy".
  • Many people like to bring a scrapbook for their guests to paste the second copy into.  The host keeps the book , and the guest takes the other image home as their keepsake gift
  • Available for weddings, baby's first birthday party, parties, conventions, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and all celebrations.
  • Amazing for costumed and themed events - Dickens Parties, Steampunk, Halloween, and theatrical events.
  • Hourly rates.  Orange County based.

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Nancie Marie

Thank you for taking the time to view my website.

Let Nancie Marie's years as a Disneyland silhouette artist enhance your special day.  
Her silhouettes are absolutely perfect for your wedding reception or baby's first birthday! 

Hand-Cut ​

Silhouette Profiles
Silhouettes are often referred to as shadow pictures, little black paper portraits, or profile pictures. They have been described as vintage, charming, sweet, delightful, precious, and more.  No family should be without them,  proudly displayed in the home, or placed into a treasured scrapbook. A  real keepsake.  

Wonderful for children. Kids are mystified by them, adults are in awe of how quickly their likeness is achieved.  Kid's profiles can be very charming; these wonderful paper portraits catch a "moment in time" that may never come again.

It is always fun to see how much people enjoy having a Silhouette done of themselves. Even the babies like them.

These memorable paper portraits are hand cut, the classical way, with small, sharp scissors and special black paper.  I do these purely by looking at the sitter's profile (side view), and within a minute or so, his/her image has been turned into a timeless and endearing keepsake.

Once cut, they are affixed onto a 5" by 7"  printed white backing and placed into a plastic sleeve.

​​​​I would love the opportunity to serve you at your next event or party, or any special day you may have.

From years at Disneyland to you!   Now freelancing only, I have been creating memories for children and adults for over 25 years.  I  previously worked at the various  Disneylands as a Silhouette cutter for nearly 10 years, taking me to Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris (Euro Disney), and the original, Anaheim. 

​​​Have your Silhouette Profile cut out for you and your loved ones at your next party or event.​​​

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